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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Late Night Header-Turnover

decided to put a new header to replace the old one that has been hanging up there for years.
um, so you know what the new header says, dont you? if you dont, then we must get more acquainted. because it's basically just my first name, ALIVIA. 

well you might think that it is just another weird thing i made. okay it is weird o.O but however i was so excited when i was just randomly scratching on a paper during a class, i realised that i could write my name in a much cooler way! ha!

have made a simple style of it some time ago right after 'the discovering scratch'

so i got the pattern i expected for this and then renewed it till it looked like the header you see at the top part of this blog.

sssh, i'll tell you a secret, but it's only between you and me, okay? because the thing i am telling you is such a silly thing. that i made these stuff with Microsoft Word xD

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