"Following your passion for years, you will surely become somebody one day." Rancho - 3 Idiots

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

printf("Hello Again, World!");

while away from computer: "*promising myself* I'm gonna post something on my blog tonight!" 
in front of computer: "Facebook, Twitter, Youtube" 

that is what that has been always going on. actually, there's always a time just to post some line of writing here. but i'm too lazy :/ or i just forget to do so sometimes. 
nah, now that i am here in front of my laptop and i'm in a quite good mood to write, I will write something. what something? I don't even know -_- 
ummm, well, okay, i guess it's going to be about my college life B)

you know, I'm in the mid-term test, you guyssss!!
it started on Monday so today is the third day. it was such a confusion for me at the first because yea, I'm new in college and never had this kind of test before, so it's my first!
well it's basically just like another test but I feel still clumsy ._. it is probably because i never had any exam in the last 5 months :|

the first day was Agama and Kewarganegaraan. hahah what the?! yeah I was very shocked we still have Kwn in college. but this is the real life! -_- the exam was mostly just about opinion and explanation, so i dont really care if i wrote random things there :/

the second day was Math 1 and Discrete Math. huaaaa never felt this bad about a Math exam :( i think i'm gonna fail at those two subjects, i dont know :| yea i strongly believe it was because i didnt do enough effort for that so i guess i deserve this -,-

and yeaah, the third day (today) we have Programming and English exam. they both went pretty great, I think. because I love programming as much as I love english! <3 font="font" nbsp="nbsp">
oh yea, the title of this post is the basic code of one of programming languages called C haha doing those things is so much fun you know :P 

phew, alright. finally almost done writing a blog post hahah at least it will set me free from the guilt of neglecting my blog :P

okay so, still have two more days left of exam. tomorrow is Algorithm, my most favorite subject this far. and the next good thing, you dont have to study for this subject ;)