"Following your passion for years, you will surely become somebody one day." Rancho - 3 Idiots

Friday, November 30, 2012

Paramore's Southeast Asia Shows

accidentally found a tweet about Paramore show. so excited to know that Paramore is gonna back on shows finally! 
but when i went to the link on the tweet, turned out that it's Southeast Asia Shows!!!! i lost my breath for a second when i catched the title. 
then i went down, read the whole paragraph, but i couldnt find Indonesia there. and yea, it's obviously no Indonesia in their show list. how depressing D:

anyoneeee please bring me to one of those shows! :'((

Monday, November 26, 2012

My Worthy Rp10k

my Rp10.ooo yesterday might be one of the most worthy i ever spent. haha. because with that amount, i got one portion of lunch and two days of impressive training.

Windows 8 Build-Apps Camp!

ya, i'm now using Windows 8 and here goes my Start page

Day 1, Saturday
on this day, we were taught how to make a metro-style application for Windows 8. undeniably, so much codes :O
but it's okay, there are kakak-kakak Windows 8 Champ who are there for you to give any help you need :P
we made an app called 'Contoso Cookbook' that will look like this at the last. it's a recipe book of dishes around the world.

of course we didnt do the whole code from the very beginning. the code of the recipe itself has been done. we were just doing things so that the app would look like it's supposed to.

some of us got some troubles in the progress. but thank God mine is okay and finally i did it! aaahh, the feeling when your app works! :D

Day 2, Sunday
this is pretty much more fun than the Day 1 because there would be no code at all :P yet we will still make an app. this time, a 2D game!
we are using Construct 2, a game maker that's really easy to use.

i can't show the screenshot because i cant find it anywhere in my files. ya, i forget where i saved it. my bad -____-"
well i will update the picture after i find it.

and at the end of the day, the Champs announced that they will make Student Club, where a group of students will be trained by one Champ in making apps and such things. so of course i'm in! 
because from those two days, i decided that it will be so nice to be one of the Champs :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Birthday Wish

remember the picture I post few days ago? haha that was actually just a birthday wish I made for my friend, Ika.
not really good, but hey, it took some hours of my sleep! you owe me THAT much, Ka! :P

it was supposed to be Taylor Swift, because Ika is a big fan of her. but poor me, it turned out to be someone else who doesnt look like her. but somehow i think the eyes are similar :P i dont know, it's just my opinion haha. 
and the most disturbing part is the lips. and i think it's a fatal error, because everybody knows that Taylor's lips is like one of her 'signatures'. i mean it's very unique. and hard to draw -_-
ah, face and all the complexities.

and I decorate the "Happy Birthday" font with the notes because Ika loves singing very much.
well, ignore the last line. just we and our classmates know the meaning :P

Friday, November 23, 2012

Wait, Who's That?

Who owns those eyes? Can you guess who she is?
See what's coming in 2 days... *yawn

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Nerdie Chad Sugg :3

well maybe i am a bit late, but i just found this guy on YouTube when i searched for Begin Again - Taylor Swift cover. this charming guy did a cover and that is the best damn Begin Again cover ever! and since that very first sight, i know he is my crush :P

for you who dont know Chad Sugg, maybe this will give you a hint: for those of you who knows Alex Goot, Chad is a friend of him and they are on tour together now. check out his YouTube account on youtube.com/chadwsugg

the more i get to know him, the more he impresses me :'3

why i fall in love with Chad Sugg:
-he is a nerd
-he got killed by Furby in one of his videos
-he has a Goodreads account!
-he has read Harry Potter series, The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, Twilight
-he writes good songs
-he does weird things in Spiderman's costume
-he has that thing i call 'signature tune'
-he plays guitar
-he draws!!!!!!!!!!
-he is humble
-he writes published poetry books!!
-he likes psychology
-he has 'Deathly Hollows' mentioned in his song called Wizards
-he is cool and hot at the same time
-he is the only that ever has puppet as girlfriend in a music video
-he is the nerdiest + craziest singer i have ever seen in my whole life in this whole universe!

note: you have to watch his original music videos on YouTube and know how insane he is! --which makes him adorably cute :3 

his drawings he put on his website
Dexter (My Webcomic)Fake Monsters (My Art)

the books he writes

Waking Up In Black And WhiteMonsters Under Your Head

my favorite wallpaper i got from the website

he sings, he plays guitar, he writes, he draws
he is nerd.
how a guy could be more awesome?

The Drops

it was a good day to start this week. because it was raining hard in Surabaya this evening! ;)

"i dont know how, but rain always brings a certain good feeling everytime it falls."

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Alivia, She Relieves

have nothing to do at home, what do i do then?
I searched my name 'Alivia' on Google and YouTube just for fun xD

what did i find?
from Google, i found the meaning, the origin, statistics, etc. so here i made the quick summary :)

Alivia (pronounced as: ah-liv-ee-ah). The baby girl name Alivia is of Latin origin. It is a variation of Olivia which means 'olive tree'. In Spanish, the verb "aliviar" means "to soothe" or "to relieve." Alivia, then, is a conjugation of the verb that means "she relieves".
In the United States, the name Alivia first appeared on the list of top 1000 most popular girls' names in the year 1995. It started low, but began a steady climb up the chart, with an average increase of about 50 spots per year. In 2007, Alivia ranked as the 207th most popular girl's name in the United States.

and it's great to read the parents' comment who have Alivia for their baby girl's name in the link below :)

and from YouTube, i met the other Alivias. and they are all awesome!
this one, she is beautiful and she sings!

Title on YouTube: More than a band - Lemonade mouth - Alivia

aw this cute little girl, she is Alivia too!

Title on YouTube: Alivia smiles

go quickly check your name on YouTube! who knows your name is used for a name of a band. like mine! :O i have just known that there's a band named Alivia. in Indonesia!

Title on YouTube: ALIVIA - Takkan Bisa (Accoustic)

i dont know, i always feel excited when i meet other girls named Alivia. maybe because it's still a rare name. and ya, people hardly spell it right :/ in Indonesia, it's usually Alifia instead of Alivia. so, when someone who dont know me is trying to write my name, i always say "Alivia pake V".

then i tried www.alivia.com. surprisingly it works! 
.....but why is alivia.com a health management service website? --"

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Long Weekend. Good Idea?

Hello, long weekend!

I was supposed to be in Bandung right now. one of my friends invited me and the other friends to go to her house in Bandung for the long weekend. and of course we agreed! xD 
so it's me, Eliya and mba Rere who were going to go. yea, was very excited to go since i have never been in that city. but plan is always a plan. but the odds was not in our favor *berasa Effie Trinket --" 
Eliya got a sudden assignment from her college so she couldnt go. and we thought it would not be fun if one person is missing, so we decided not to go. kinda disappointing :( but it's okay. or it's not huhu :/ because here i am in my room, doing nothing all this day except the 'jalan sehat' this morning. and unexpectedly, i met a college friend there! haha but i did not greet her. we dont know personally so yeah, that would probably be a little awkward if i did :|

and now i dont have anywhere to go for the next 3 days. what could make it worse?! should be a retoric question, but i have the answer: no enough assignments to kill time. as far as i remember, this week's task are: *okay, i'll make a list*
1. Pak Kholid: make your own homepage. you can use Notepad, Dreamweaver, or anything
2. Pak Ali: triangular flowchart
3. Pak Fachrul: a report about the two dimensional array

my progress:
1. i have done my homepage like 70% because the lecturer gave the task two weeks ago.
2. 100%
3. have done the code, just need to write down the report on the paper. won't take too much time.

so, it's long weekend. a good or a bad idea?

Happy New Year 1434 H!

Wishing everyone a very blessed Islamic New Year :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm a Half Phlegmatic and a Half Melancholic

baru tau ternyata dalam psikologi, kepribadian manusia itu dibagi jadi empat: Sanguinis, Koleris, Melankolis, Plegmatis.

kenapa aku tiba-tiba ngomongin itu? o.O

jadi, dua hari terakhir ini, HIMIT PENS (Himpunan Mahasiswa Informatika PENS) ngadain LKMM Pra-TD buat para Maba 2012. apa itu LKMM Pra-TD? :O

LKMM singkatan dari Latihan Keterampilan Manajemen Mahasiswa. LKMM ada 4 tingkatan, yaitu:
1. LKMM pra-TD (pra Tingkat Dasar) 
2. LKMM TD (Tingkat Dasar) 
3. LKMM TM (Tingkat Menengah) 
4. LKMM TL (Tingkat Lanjut) 
nah, LKMM yang aku ikutin barusan ini adalah LKMM paling dasar, yaitu Pra-TD.
di LKMM pra-TD ini, peserta diajari manajemen diri, seperti gimana cara ngatur waktu, gimana memprioritaskan kegiatan, dll.

nah salah satu materi LKMM Pra-TD hari ini adalah "Pengenalan Diri". yang jelas, kita ga bisa mengenali diri kita kalau kepribadian aja kita ga tau, ya kan? jadi, di dalam materi itu tadi  dijelasin tipe-tipe kepribadian manusia. ya itu, empat yang udah aku sebutin di atas. kata kakak pematerinya, sebenernya, di setiap individu ada keempat tipe itu, tapi pasti ada tipe yang paling menonjol di antara tipe yang lain. dan biasanya, seseorang punya kombinasi dua kepribadian yang dominan.
dan tadi kita juga dikasih semacam soal-soal psikologi, buat mengetahui kepribadian kita. andddd, it turns out that..

with less Choleric and fewer Sanguin

apaan plegmatis? melankolis?

oke, mungkin beberapa cirinya aja
1. Plegmatis
    (+) cinta damai, rendah hati, santai, mudah bergaul, konsisten, cerdas
    (-) suka menunda, tidak antusias, keras kepala, sembrono
2. Melankolis
    (+) pemikir, teliti, artistik, kreatif, perasa, cenderung jenius, idealis
    (-)  perfeksionis, sulit disenangkan, mudah depresi, pelit
3. Choleric
    (+) pemimpin, yakin, kemauan kuat, aktif, dinamis, mandiri
    (-) angkuh, tidak bisa santai, emosional, kaku, cenderung kecanduan kerja
4. Sanguin
    (+) suka berbicara, antusias, ekspresif, berhati tulus, selera humor tinggi
    (-) mudah bosan, terlalu banyak bicara, tidak fokus, mudah dialihkan perhatiannya

nah, itu dari materi yang dikasih kakak pemandu tadi.
dan karena aku tertarik sama hal-hal psikologi seperti ini, nyampe kos aku langsung googling deh. nemu web yang buat aku akurat banget!!
itu buat plegmatisnya, bisa dibilang 95% cocok buat aku haha karena tipe dominan aku emang plegmatis.
beberapa ciri plegmatis yang paling menonjol di aku:
-pendengar yang baik
-mudah bergaul, suka keramaian, tapi tidak pernah suka jadi pusat perhatian
-tidak mau menyakiti dan selalu berusaha menyenangkan orang lain
-santai, cenderung pasrah
-tenang, cenderung tidak menampakkan emosi
-rasa humor yang menggigit
-tidak suka mendesak dan didesak
-tidak suka konflik
-suka menunda

buat melankolisnya, kira-kira 80%an.
-menghargai seni
-memperhatikan detail
-mengamati orang

kalo koleris, aku cuma dikit. kalo sanguinis, lebih dikit lagi :P

oke, itu dulu deh yaa, tentang kepribadianku--yang sebenernya ga penting -_- kalo pengen tau kalian masuk tipe yang mana, bisa cari di google aja, banyak kok yang nyediain soal-soal buat nentuin tipe kepribadian gitu hehe :D

a cute artwork for phlegmatics (not done by me, i found it on internet)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Me and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

hari ini pulang siang. lagi UTS, seperti yang udah aku ceritain di post sebelumnya. jadi pulang ngampus tadi langsung ke kosan. bisa bersih-bersih kamar dan ngerjain lain-lain :3
udah beres semua, daaaan seperti biasa, hal yang dilakukan: online!

yak, kalo udah ngenet rasanya di dunia cuma ada aku dan laptop -_- asik asik surfing, sekitar jam 5an gitu ada yang ketok pintu gerbang kosan. mungkin banyak yang mikir betapa tajamnya telingaku, sampe orang ngetok gerbang aja kedengeran B) tapi jangan salah saudara-saudara, kamarku adalah kamar paling depan di kosan ini --"

karena kosan lagi lumayan sepi dan sepertinya mustahil penghuni kos lain denger, yaudah mau ga mau aku samperin walaupun berat rasanya angkat pantat dari kasur (?!)
dan ternyata pemirsaaaa, itu paketanku! :3 beberapa hari yang lalu aku order buku di  BukuKita, my favorite online book store. highly recommended! dan yang aku beli kali ini adalah....................

haha ga biasanya beli buku dengan cover sangar seperti ini. tapi penasaran banget sama novel ini setelah baca baca reviewnya, yang hampir semua bilang bagus banget. apalagi karakter utama cewenya katanya bisa hacking B) dan punya ingatan fotografis B) haha keren aja gitu.

yaudah, cari posisi paling pewe dan langsung baca. baru sampe halaman ke-4 cerita, kaget banget pas nemuin satu kalimat ini:

"Tapi, sesungguhnya bunga itu hanyalah satu dari rangkaian kiriman bunga misterius yang selalu datang melalui perantaraan pos pada hari pertama pada bulan November."

heiii, agak ngeri sendiri gitu pas baca itu. gimana enggak, ini hari pertama bulan November dan aku barusan dapet kiriman pos haha. accident? :P 

untung isinya bukan bunga, ya?