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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Art Works :)

tsk.. 10th grade will be finished soon.
and we will meet many new things.
new classroom, new classmates, new teachers, and new lesson of course.
therefore, i am going to post some of my works of art lesson, one of my favorite class :)
previously, i tell you. I LIKE DRAWING! but i am not sure that my drawings are good -_-

menggambar bentuk.
we draw thing here :)
and i draw one of a chair in my class.
what do you think? some of my friends said it was weird.
they said it was like 'kursi berponi'
haissh. that's the shadow, not poni!! -,-

HAHAHA i like this!
it's 'menggambar model' chapter.
we have to draw someone (must a human).
and all my classmates agreed to make our leader of class (Fikar) to be the model!
he sits on the chair for more than an hour!
and it's very hard to draw his hair. because he is KRIWUL!! lol

painting work. uh, i do not very like painting.
i got some problems with colors.
it's not easy to determine what color is perfect for your drawing.

vignet. and i got a good mark for this one :)

ps: i just took photographs of those pictures, i do not scan them. they are just like too big-sized to be scanned, so i dont. hehe
so, anyone mind to give some comments or suggestions for those drawings? :]


  1. ya ampun kerennya. gue langsung jatuh cinta pas liat gambar kursi itu! gue juga suka gambar, but it's not as good as yours

  2. @mona: ah, makasih yaa :) hehe
    coba kamu upload juga aja :D
    pasti punyamu lebih bagus :))

  3. waaa! yang vignet keren deh gambarnya..
    jadi inget pas SD pernah gambar vignet..

  4. @mylazzio: yey kita samaan lagi!
    tapi bedanya, aku gambar ini pas SMA, kamu pas SD :) hebat bangeet :D